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The Buyer’s Guide to Stair Climbers

A stair climber is basically a mechanical device that is designed to mimic the movements that are usually generated by the body when one is climbing up a flight of stairs. It is one of the most innovative workout machines on the market today since it has the capacity to not only factor in the cardio aspects in a series of diverse workouts but also involve strength training.

As outlined earlier, there are two sets of exercises that can be performed using a stair climber;

  1. Cardiovascular exercises: You can perform these exercises effortlessly on your stair climber to ensure that you are burning an adequate amount of calories per workout and also increase your heart rate to ensure your body mechanisms are working at an optimal level thanks to increased oxygen production and supply.
  2. Resistance exercises: You can also perform resistance exercises on your step clamber to increase your core strength and stamina while improving your posture. And to some extent, it also helps to burn calories while adding muscles which are vital for a toned body.

Although the stair climber is a very useful device for improving the status of your health, using it in the incorrect way can lead to very many problems.

Therefore, there are three areas that you will really need to be keen on to ensure that you are performing the exercises right. First, your hands need to rest on the bar lightly to ensure that your upper body is less tense and your fingertips are facing the floor to avoid exerting a lot of pressure on the wrists that can lead to injuries.

You must ensure that your posture is upright with a slight forward lean to ensure equal distribution of weight on your hips to allow for free movement. And while you are working out make sure that your steps are moderate and not hastened so that your calves are not exposed to injury.

To further help this, you need to ensure that your steps fit perfectly on the pedals for a full workout of your glutes.

Benefits Of a Stair Climber

It Helps In Back Injury Recovery.

A lot of people underestimate how easy it is to gain weight when you have a back injury which constricts your workouts. In such situations, the Stair Climber is ideal since it applies the least effort on the back during any cardio workout meaning that anyone with back issues can use it comfortably without triggering any pain. Therefore, You can keep fit despite your back injury thanks to the fact that you will not exert any pressure on your injured back as it is with treadmills.

It is Vital In The Improvement Of Posture.

The day-to-day activities that you take part in especially if you work in strenuous environments have an impact on our body posture to a great degree. However, the Stair Climber has the ability to correct this since it comes with the capacity to improve our core strength which in the end not only limit you from back pain but also improves your posture. Therefore, if you’re looking for a device that you can use for keeping fit and also improving your posture this is just it.

It is Good For Heart Health.

Using the stair climber might be just what you need to ensure that you are keeping very healthy when it comes to heart matters. A simple workout on it has a capacity to boost your heart rate to a very great degree. Now, the advantage of this is that it will be able to pump oxygen that will reach the different body cells in the body to ensure that you are working at maximum efficiency. In the end you will not only be more alert but also develop body mechanisms that operate effectively.

It Will Save You Time.

Since it is designed to work exactly like a flight of stairs this device has the ability to work out different body parts at the same time. For instance one of the most important aspects of it is that it works out your cardio and at the same time makes you do some resistance exercises on the lower part of the body. For instance, if you use this device for a long time then you are set to have very well toned glutes, hamstrings, and calves just by performing the same kind of exercise on a daily basis. And this means you will not need to spend a lot of time in the gym as opposed to using a treadmill which is only efficient for cardiovascular exercises.

It Helps In The Burning of Body Fat.

I know that weight gain is one of the things that really disturbs most people who want to live healthy lives today. Now, the stair climber is ideal if you want to keep this fat on a check since it is good for weight loss. It works by increasing the metabolic rate of the body which normally boosts the aerobic energy production within the body cells that is very vital to controlling the fat that is building up in muscles. And in the place of fat, it will ensure the growth of muscles. Therefore, in the end, you not only end up with a well-toned body but also lower body fat percentage.

Things To Consider When You Are Buying a Stair Climber.

Easy Operation and Feedback

The machine that you buy should be very easy to set up and operate which will save you a lot of time when you are ready to use it for your workouts. It is also very essential that the machine comes with a digital interface that is able to give you feedback on certain milestones that you achieve through it like pulse and the number of calories that have been burnt.

Variety of exercises.

To get value for your money you need to ensure that the stair climber that you purchase has the ability to offer you a wide variety of movement so that you are able to achieve more from it. This will go a long way in helping you increase the intensity of your exercises to target the lower parts of the body much more efficiently over time.

Stable Base and a Weight Limit.

Sometimes, the equipment that you purchase is not only for you but for different people in your household. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a stair climber that can accommodate different body weights so that you get value for your money. You should also ensure that it comes with a very stable base that can withstand the maximum possible amount of weight to prevent any damage occurring to it sooner than you expect.

Alternatives to Stair Climbers

Some of the most common alternatives to stair climbers are treadmills, lunges, and stair steppers which essentially perform similar types of exercises on the lower part of the body. Mostly, these exercises work out the same muscles in the hips and legs.

However, one of the most common alternatives to the stair climber is the stair stepper, but what are some of their differences?

  • Movement of feet: When it comes to the stepper you constantly need to keep your feet glued to the pedals while for a stair climber you achieve workouts by picking your feet constantly from the pedals which in the longtime can affect the knees.
  • Speed adjustments: When it comes to the stair stepper you can only vary the speeds you are working up with using a digital control interface while for a stair climber the movement of your feet determines the speed by which it moves.
  • Variety of exercises: The stairs stepper only offers you one type of movement which cannot be very convenient to target different muscle groups while on the other hand, they stair climber allows you to also do different side resistance exercises that will target different muscle groups for a much more toned body.



Obviously, a stair climber is one workout device that you definitely need in your home gym especially if you are a busy professional who has limited time to work out. This is because it can be used to achieve both cardio and resistance aspects of a workout to ensure you achieve your needs perfectly in limited time. You can consider these tips when you go out to purchase one and you will probably get one that fits your needs adequately.


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